We truly are not nine to fivers and we believe in challenging the status quo by developing, financing, producing and distributing content differently. We are building our financial strength by funding the development of our productions on a global scale, aggressively growing our business and independence through a combination of organic growth, licensing and distribution arrangements, strategic relationships and partnering with sponsors, television networks, and independent producers.

The way that we challenge the status quo is through our creative executions, we offer brands, influencers, and celebrities with multifaceted tactics along with effective brand messages that connect our engaged audience and resonates with viewers across the globe.

With changing times, we are finding creative ways to effectively put brands into our story arcs throughout the seasons of our content and we are implementing various advertising strategies and methods. Our brand integrations and product placements tell meaningful and impactful stories to help drive recall, affinity, and purchase intent to the things that they enjoy.

The bottom line is that we are producing great content as people around the globe are craving amusement. The global audience of people unexpectantly binge-watching a new series, going to see the latest blockbuster movie, or going to the year’s biggest concert or festival continues to grow. Quite simply, entertainment marketing works well because it entertains.