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Technology has made it easier than ever to communicate across borders making the well of entertainment, creativity and opportunity that is much richer than ever before. We understand the value in the diversity of ideas in which to create an environment that’s fresh and forward thinking.

We enjoy creating content that tells compelling stories, working in beautifully scenic places, and many of us even like traveling to places where we meet new people, immerse ourselves into the culture and live like a local too. Our skilled and creative workforce is made up of forward-thinking people that are tremendously passionate about what we do.

We love to collaborate and are made up of individuals drawn from a cross section of creative communities in which we operate and who reflect a variety of backgrounds, talents, perspectives, and experiences. Our employees deliver unique ideas that drive your stories and exceptional service to our clients everyday. We also seek out partnerships with diverse companies to foster strategic business relationships which in turn stimulates growth and drives economies in the communities where we work, live, worship and play.

We help you find, explore and understand your unique “You,” understand your uniqueness within in our cultural landscape. By first knowing who you are, why you are here, understanding your passion, identifying with what success looks like and knowing what we are thinking, feeling and engaging in with others on our journey.

What is special about Vargo Media is how much we:

  1. want to be impactful by improving peoples lives and not just our bottom line. 

  2. look for opportunities to make progress. 

  3. help you identify your strength and find your flow.

  4. are devoted to helping others maximize their potential and achieve their greatest success possible.

  5. are willing to be different.

  6. understand that you are not your job.


In most companies today, virtually everyone is familiar with the concept of “Culture” but very few organizations are proactively building a culture based on shared values, belief, and intention which define the 12 core building blocks of our culture listed below.

Seek Radical Truth and Transparency

  • You understand being truthful is an essential part of success and being radically transparent about everything, including your mistakes and weaknesses helps create understanding that leads to improvements.

Be effective

  • You know who you are (such as your beliefs, values, and expectations needed to reach your goal) and understand the external demands (such as the risks, rewards, commitments, deadlines) to make it happen.

  • You are enthusiastic about reaching your goals.

  • You value results over effort.

Be Couragous

  • You believe in creative people working together, inspiring each other, and making things happen without settling for the status quo.

  • You take smart risks without stressing.

Cultivate Meaningful Work and Meaningful Relationships with others

  • You behave in a manner that is consistent with a high level of mutual consideration for each other’s interest with a clear understanding of who is responsible for what. 

  • You believe that meaningful relations are invaluable for building and sustaining a culture of excellence, because they create the trust and support that people need to push each other to do great things. 

Seek Self-Improvement

  • You diligently pursue getting better at your own performance.

Generate Great Energy

  • Your level of enthusiasm is contagious.

  • You take a quick breaks, close their eyes, to meditate -- to give yourself a short psychological break that releases your tension and focus from one activity so they are primed to take on the next.

Have Integrity And Demand It From Others

  • You are in the midst of a revolution affecting every aspect of your business you and must do what’s in the best interest of Vargo Media.

Enact Selflessness

  • You serve a cause that is much greater than yourself.

Be Influential

  • You live by the golden rule of treating other people how you would like to be treated.

  • You are genuinely interested in other people.

  • Your smiles are free to give and have an amazing ability to make others feel wonderful.

Communicate Well

  • You are able to maintain your composure during stressful situations.

  • You listen well and seek to understand others before reacting or providing feedback. 

Be Innovative

  • You like to find new and better ways to do things and better ways to please customers.

  • You thrive on problem solving and bringing together intellectual capital with fresh new ideas.

Seek Clarity

  • You develop a habit of searching within yourself, observing behavior, asking questions and assessing whether you're on track.